The WellHouse Fitness

2500 Battleground Ave., C

Greensboro, NC 27408

The WellHouse Fitness studio is located on Battleground Ave, with easy access to all major highways, Bryan Blvd, and Benjamin Pkwy.  The WellHouse Fitness, or The WH, is a boutique fitness studio that specializes in Pilates, Yoga, Bounce Fitness, and general movement.  By offering these methods of fitness, we are able to provide the opportunity for our clients to have a multi-pronged approach to their fitness and health.  The WellHouse is the ONLY studio to offer bounce fitness classes in all of Greensboro.  Our 3 signature classes are BOUNCE TO THE BARRE, CHEER+BOUNCE+CARDIO+SCULPT, and BOUNCE HIITS and have all been created and developed personally by owner and instructor Ashley Collicutt.  We at The WH are not trying to reinvent the wheel, because let's face it; there's a lot out there these days.  We are a full service studio and strive to provide our clients and the Greensboro community with excellent service, strong positive values, and great energy.  Most of our classes are for ALL levels and EVERYONE is welcome. With a more intimate setting, we're able to provide a safe, effective, fun, and high quality experience of exercise and movement.  This will be an experience that will provide a sense of accomplishment and give you the stepping stones to achieve a healthy lifestyle.  

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